MLC Media

MLC Media scouts for reality talent and develops TV series concepts.  Currently, it partners with top rated production companies to produce the sellable concepts to series. In addition, we cast and help with developing key storylines and location scouting for the series. To date, MLC Media has developed and created show concepts with deals ranging from development deals to primetime series for:  History Channel, Discovery Channel, TLC International, A&E, Animal Planet, CMT, AMC Network, TLC, FIY network, Lifetime, Travel Channel, DIY network and SyFy.

Production Partners

MLC Media has partnered and produced with Red Line Films, TRUE Entertainment, and Znak&Jones. To date, MLC Media has closed over $30 million in network deals for these companies.

Specialty Casting

We are always casting for interesting families, high adventure shows, blue collar and hillbilly shows, Montana-Big Sky lifestyle, alternative lifestyles, beauty-fashion and makeover, urban themes, and religious shows.


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      Cherie Kloss
      Cherie Kloss has learned this business over the past decade through sheer hard work and hustle. She has developed relationships with various cable network execs and have brought them shows that they requested or that she knew they were trying to find. In addition, she has an eye for finding breakout new concepts that networks are surprised to see. She has learned the art of casting, producing, editing, and managing various shows by being involved in every production. The success of MLC Media, is that Cherie is always open to hearing from new producers who are trying to find a production partner, meeting potential new talent, and is never too busy to hear a pitch from anyone with a great idea and talent.
      Cherie Kloss
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      Genevieve Bos is the consultant for MLC Media. She assists in helping put together Branded Entertainment concepts with various companies in her expansive network.
      Genevieve Bos


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